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Vi er forlagshuset Lindhardt og Ringhof Forlagshuset Lindhardt og Ringhof er Danmarks næststørste forlag med tilhørende datterforlag - bl.a. Carlsen, Alinea, Akademisk Forlag og L&R Business. Forlaget beskæftiger ca. 180 mennesker og udgiver omkring 600 bøger om året. Forlagets store digitale program er førende med e-bøger i Danmark. Læs mere her
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Battle Mind (engelsk version)

Battle Mind (engelsk version)

How to navigate in chaos and perform under pressure

The Danish bestseller - now in english. Updated and with new cases!

Why do some people perform better under pressure, while others lose control?

According to corporate psychologist Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, the answer can be found in the specific mental process called Battle Mind. It is a state of mind which – hopefully – arrives when we are in situations that require immediate actions or decisions. It is a state of mind that enables you to perform with excellence under pressure.

The book teaches you to draw on the considerable resources of Battle Mind and it prepares you to face the challenges of your working life. Mastery of Battle Mind enables you to deal constructively with adversity. Moreover, it is a skill which is not just for the lucky few. On the contrary it can be practiced and mastered by anyone who puts his or her mind to it.

Battle Mind is designed for leaders, but it may inspire anyone, who for shorter or longer periods of time experiences changes in workloads and demands. The book also addresses the concerns of people who sometimes work under great pressure in workplaces, where the pace is high and the deadlines many.

Henrik Ørholst, Berlingske Tidende:  ”Battle Mind is a refreshing feature in a time where concepts like stress, mindfulness and coaching are everywhere. Here is a book without fuss. Well done”.

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224 sider
Udg. dato:
11. sep. 2015

Forlag: Akademisk Redaktør: Marianne Thorhauge
299 , 95 kr.
239 , 96 kr.
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